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General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_SECCOMP_FILTER:

Help text

An arch should select this symbol if it provides all of these things: - syscall_get_arch() - syscall_get_arguments() - syscall_rollback() - syscall_set_return_value() - SIGSYS siginfo_t support - secure_computing is called from a ptrace_event()-safe context - secure_computing return value is checked and a return value of -1 results in the system call being skipped immediately. - seccomp syscall wired up

For best performance, an arch should use seccomp_phase1 and seccomp_phase2 directly. It should call seccomp_phase1 for all syscalls if TIF_SECCOMP is set, but seccomp_phase1 does not need to be called from a ptrace-safe context. It must then call seccomp_phase2 if seccomp_phase1 returns anything other than SECCOMP_PHASE1_OK or SECCOMP_PHASE1_SKIP.

As an additional optimization, an arch may provide seccomp_data directly to seccomp_phase1; this avoids multiple calls to the syscall_xyz helpers for every syscall.



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