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CONFIG_PANEL_PROFILE: Default panel profile (0-5, 0=custom)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PANEL_PROFILE:

Help text

To ease configuration, the driver supports different configuration profiles for past and recent wirings. These profiles can also be used to define an approximative configuration, completed by a few other options. Here are the profiles :

0 = custom (see further) 1 = 2x16 parallel LCD, old keypad 2 = 2x16 serial LCD (KS-0074), new keypad 3 = 2x16 parallel LCD (Hantronix), no keypad 4 = 2x16 parallel LCD (Nexcom NSA1045) with Nexcom's keypad 5 = 2x40 parallel LCD (old one), with old keypad

Custom configurations allow you to define how your display is wired to the parallel port, and how it works. This is only intended for experts.



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