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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_ALL_PPC:

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Linux currently supports several different kinds of PowerPC-based machines: Apple Power Macintoshes and clones (such as the Motorola Starmax series), PReP (PowerPC Reference Platform) machines (such as the Motorola PowerStacks, Motorola cPCI/VME embedded systems, and some IBM RS/6000 systems), CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform) machines (including all of the recent IBM RS/6000 and pSeries machines), and several embedded PowerPC systems containing 4xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 74xx, and 82xx processors. Currently, the default option is to build a kernel which works on the first three.

Select CHRP/PowerMac/PReP if configuring for an IBM RS/6000 or pSeries machine, a Power Macintosh (including iMacs, iBooks and Powerbooks), or a PReP machine.

Select Gemini if configuring for a Synergy Microsystems' Gemini series Single Board Computer. More information is available at:

Select APUS if configuring for a PowerUP Amiga. More information is available at:



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