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CONFIG_ARCH_VEXPRESS_DT: Device Tree support for Versatile Express platforms

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_ARCH_VEXPRESS_DT:

Help text

New Versatile Express platforms require Flattened Device Tree to be passed to the kernel.

This option enables support for systems using Cortex processor based ARM core and logic (FPGA) tiles on the Versatile Express motherboard, for example:

- CoreTile Express A5x2 (V2P-CA5s) - CoreTile Express A9x4 (V2P-CA9) - CoreTile Express A15x2 (V2P-CA15) - LogicTile Express 13MG (V2F-2XV6) with A5, A7, A9 or A15 SMMs (Soft Macrocell Models) - Versatile Express RTSMs (Models)

You must boot using a Flattened Device Tree in order to use these platforms. The traditional (ATAGs) boot method is not usable on these boards with this option.

If your bootloader supports Flattened Device Tree based booting, say Y here.



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