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CONFIG_ARM64_UAO: Enable support for User Access Override (UAO)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_ARM64_UAO:

Help text

User Access Override (UAO; part of the ARMv8.2 Extensions) causes the 'unprivileged' variant of the load/store instructions to be overridden to be privileged.

This option changes get_user() and friends to use the 'unprivileged' variant of the load/store instructions. This ensures that user-space really did have access to the supplied memory. When addr_limit is set to kernel memory the UAO bit will be set, allowing privileged access to kernel memory.

Choosing this option will cause copy_to_user() et al to use user-space memory permissions.

The feature is detected at runtime, the kernel will use the regular load/store instructions if the cpu does not implement the feature.



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