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CONFIG_CONTEXT_TRACKING_USER_FORCE: Force user context tracking

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_CONTEXT_TRACKING_USER_FORCE:

Help text

The major pre-requirement for full dynticks to work is to support the user context tracking subsystem. But there are also other dependencies to provide in order to make the full dynticks working.

This option stands for testing when an arch implements the user context tracking backend but doesn't yet fulfill all the requirements to make the full dynticks feature working. Without the full dynticks, there is no way to test the support for user context tracking and the subsystems that rely on it: RCU userspace extended quiescent state and tickless cputime accounting. This option copes with the absence of the full dynticks subsystem by forcing the user context tracking on all CPUs in the system.

Say Y only if you're working on the development of an architecture backend for the user context tracking.

Say N otherwise, this option brings an overhead that you don't want in production.



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