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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_FT_NORMAL_DEBUG:

Help text

This option controls the amount of debugging output the ftape driver is ABLE to produce; it does not increase or diminish the debugging level itself. If unsure, leave this at its default setting, i.e. choose "Normal".

Ftape can print lots of debugging messages to the system console resp. kernel log files. Reducing the amount of possible debugging output reduces the size of the kernel module by some KB, so it might be a good idea to use "None" for emergency boot floppies.

If you want to save memory then the following strategy is recommended: leave this option at its default setting "Normal" until you know that the driver works as expected, afterwards reconfigure the kernel, this time specifying "Reduced" or "None" and recompile and install the kernel as usual. Note that choosing "Excessive" debugging output does not increase the amount of debugging output printed to the console but only makes it possible to produce "Excessive" debugging output.

Please read Documentation/ftape.txt for a short description how to control the amount of debugging output.



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