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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_FT_STD_FDC:

Help text

Only change this setting if you have a special controller. If you didn't plug any add-on card into your computer system but just plugged the floppy tape cable into the already existing floppy drive controller then you don't want to change the default setting, i.e. choose "Standard".

Choose "MACH-2" if you have a Mountain Mach-2 controller. Choose "FC-10/FC-20" if you have a Colorado FC-10 or FC-20 controller. Choose "Alt/82078" if you have another controller that is located at an IO base address different from the standard floppy drive controller's base address of `0x3f0', or uses an IRQ (interrupt) channel different from `6', or a DMA channel different from `2'. This is necessary for any controller card that is based on Intel's 82078 FDC such as Seagate's, Exabyte's and Iomega's "high speed" controllers.

If you choose something other than "Standard" then please make sure that the settings for the IO base address and the IRQ and DMA channel in the configuration menus below are correct. Use the manual of your tape drive to determine the correct settings!

If you are already successfully using your tape drive with another operating system then you definitely should use the same settings for the IO base, the IRQ and DMA channel that have proven to work with that other OS.

Note that this menu lets you specify only the default setting for the hardware setup. The hardware configuration can be changed at boot time (when ftape is compiled into the kernel, i.e. if you have said Y to "Floppy tape drive") or module load time (i.e. if you have said M to "Floppy tape drive").

Please read also the file Documentation/ftape.txt which contains a short description of the parameters that can be set at boot or load time. If you want to use your floppy tape drive on a PCI-bus based system, please read the file drivers/char/ftape/README.PCI.



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