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CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_HV_NESTED_PMU_WORKAROUND: Nested L0 host workaround for L1 KVM host PMU handling bug

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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_KVM_BOOK3S_HV_NESTED_PMU_WORKAROUND:

Help text

Old nested HV capable Linux guests have a bug where they don't reflect the PMU in-use status of their L2 guest to the L0 host while the L2 PMU registers are live. This can result in loss of L2 PMU register state, causing perf to not work correctly in L2 guests.

Selecting this option for the L0 host implements a workaround for those buggy L1s which saves the L2 state, at the cost of performance in all nested-capable guest entry/exit.



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