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CONFIG_MLX5_VDPA_STEERING_DEBUG: expose steering counters on debugfs

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_MLX5_VDPA_STEERING_DEBUG:

Help text

Expose RX steering counters in debugfs to aid in debugging. For each VLAN or non VLAN interface, two hardware counters are added to the RX flow table: one for unicast and one for multicast. The counters counts the number of packets and bytes and exposes them in debugfs. Once can read the counters using, e.g.: cat /sys/kernel/debug/mlx5/mlx5_core.sf.1/vdpa-0/rx/untagged/ucast/packets cat /sys/kernel/debug/mlx5/mlx5_core.sf.1/vdpa-0/rx/untagged/mcast/bytes



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