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CONFIG_MODULES: Enable loadable module support

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_MODULES:

Help text

Kernel modules are small pieces of compiled code which can be inserted in the running kernel, rather than being permanently built into the kernel. You use the "modprobe" tool to add (and sometimes remove) them. If you say Y here, many parts of the kernel can be built as modules (by answering M instead of Y where indicated): this is most useful for infrequently used options which are not required for booting. For more information, see the man pages for modprobe, lsmod, modinfo, insmod and rmmod.

If you say Y here, you will need to run "make modules_install" to put the modules under /lib/modules/ where modprobe can find them (you may need to be root to do this).

If unsure, say Y.



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