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CONFIG_MODULE_STATS: Module statistics

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_MODULE_STATS:

Help text

This option allows you to maintain a record of module statistics. For example, size of all modules, average size, text size, a list of failed modules and the size for each of those. For failed modules we keep track of modules which failed due to either the existing module taking too long to load or that module was already loaded.

You should enable this if you are debugging production loads and want to see if userspace or the kernel is doing stupid things with loading modules when it shouldn't or if you want to help optimize userspace / kernel space module autoloading schemes. You might want to do this because failed modules tend to use up significant amount of memory, and so you'd be doing everyone a favor in avoiding these failures proactively.

This functionality is also useful for those experimenting with module .text ELF section optimization.

If unsure, say N.



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