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CONFIG_NET_POCKET: Pocket and portable adapters

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_NET_POCKET:

Help text

Cute little network (Ethernet) devices which attach to the parallel port ("pocket adapters"), commonly used with laptops. If you have one of those, say Y and read the Ethernet-HOWTO, available from

If you want to plug a network (or some other) card into the PCMCIA (or PC-card) slot of your laptop instead (PCMCIA is the standard for credit card size extension cards used by all modern laptops), you need the pcmcia-cs package (location contained in the file Documentation/Changes) and you can say N here.

Laptop users should read the Linux Laptop home page at or Tuxmobil - Linux on Mobile Computers at

Note that the answer to this question doesn't directly affect the kernel: saying N will just cause the configurator to skip all the questions about this class of network devices. If you say Y, you will be asked for your specific device in the following questions.



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