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General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT:

Help text

The default NLS used when mounting file system. Note, that this is the NLS used by your console, not the NLS used by a specific file system (if different) to store data (filenames) on a disk. Currently, the valid values are: big5, cp437, cp737, cp775, cp850, cp852, cp855, cp857, cp860, cp861, cp862, cp863, cp864, cp865, cp866, cp869, cp874, cp932, cp936, cp949, cp950, cp1251, cp1255, euc-jp, euc-kr, gb2312, iso8859-1, iso8859-2, iso8859-3, iso8859-4, iso8859-5, iso8859-6, iso8859-7, iso8859-8, iso8859-9, iso8859-13, iso8859-14, iso8859-15, koi8-r, koi8-ru, koi8-u, sjis, tis-620, macroman, utf8. If you specify a wrong value, it will use the built-in NLS; compatible with iso8859-1.

If unsure, specify it as "iso8859-1".



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