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General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PM_BFIN_SLEEP_DEEPER:

Help text

Sleep "Deeper" Mode (High Power Savings) - This mode reduces dynamic power dissipation by disabling the clock to the processor core (CCLK). Furthermore, Standby sets the internal power supply voltage (VDDINT) to 0.85 V to provide the greatest power savings, while preserving the processor state. The PLL and system clock (SCLK) continue to operate at a very low frequency of about 3.3 MHz. To preserve data integrity in the SDRAM, the SDRAM is put into Self Refresh Mode. Typically an external event such as GPIO interrupt or RTC activity wakes up the processor. Various Peripherals such as UART, SPORT, PPI may not function as normal during Sleep Deeper, due to the reduced SCLK frequency. When in the sleep mode, system DMA access to L1 memory is not supported.

If unsure, select "Sleep Deeper".



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