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CONFIG_PM_USERSPACE_AUTOSLEEP: Userspace opportunistic sleep

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PM_USERSPACE_AUTOSLEEP:

Help text

Notify kernel of aggressive userspace autosleep power management policy.

This option changes the behavior of various sleep-sensitive code to deal with frequent userspace-initiated transitions into a global sleep state.

Saying Y here, disables code paths that most users really should keep enabled. In particular, only enable this if it is very common to be asleep/awake for very short periods of time (<= 2 seconds).

Only platforms, such as Android, that implement opportunistic sleep from a userspace power manager service should enable this option; and not other machines. Therefore, you should say N here, unless you are extremely certain that this is what you want. The option otherwise has bad, undesirable effects, and should not be enabled just for fun.



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