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CONFIG_PPC64_BIG_ENDIAN_ELF_ABI_V2: Build big-endian kernel using ELF ABI V2 (EXPERIMENTAL)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PPC64_BIG_ENDIAN_ELF_ABI_V2:

Help text

This builds the kernel image using the "Power Architecture 64-Bit ELF V2 ABI Specification", which has a reduced stack overhead and faster function calls. This internal kernel ABI option does not affect userspace compatibility.

The V2 ABI is standard for 64-bit little-endian, but for big-endian it is less well tested by kernel and toolchain. However some distros build userspace this way, and it can produce a functioning kernel.

This requires GCC and binutils 2.24 or newer.



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