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CONFIG_PPC_MPC5200_SIMPLE: Generic support for simple MPC5200 based boards

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PPC_MPC5200_SIMPLE:

Help text

This option enables support for a simple MPC52xx based boards which do not need a custom platform specific setup. Such boards are supported assuming the following:

- GPIO pins are configured by the firmware, - CDM configuration (clocking) is setup correctly by firmware, - if the 'fsl,has-wdt' property is present in one of the gpt nodes, then it is safe to use such gpt to reset the board, - PCI is supported if enabled in the kernel configuration and if there is a PCI bus node defined in the device tree.

Boards that are compatible with this generic platform support are: intercontrol,digsy-mtc phytec,pcm030 phytec,pcm032 promess,motionpro schindler,cm5200 tqc,tqm5200



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