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CONFIG_RING_BUFFER_VALIDATE_TIME_DELTAS: Verify ring buffer time stamp deltas

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_RING_BUFFER_VALIDATE_TIME_DELTAS:

Help text

This will audit the time stamps on the ring buffer sub buffer to make sure that all the time deltas for the events on a sub buffer matches the current time stamp. This audit is performed for every event that is not interrupted, or interrupting another event. A check is also made when traversing sub buffers to make sure that all the deltas on the previous sub buffer do not add up to be greater than the current time stamp.

NOTE: This adds significant overhead to recording of events, and should only be used to test the logic of the ring buffer. Do not use it on production systems.

Only say Y if you understand what this does, and you still want it enabled. Otherwise say N



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