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CONFIG_RISCV_ISA_FALLBACK: Permit falling back to parsing riscv,isa for extension support by default

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_RISCV_ISA_FALLBACK:

Help text

Parsing the "riscv,isa" devicetree property has been deprecated and replaced by a list of explicitly defined strings. For compatibility with existing platforms, the kernel will fall back to parsing the "riscv,isa" property if the replacements are not found.

Selecting N here will result in a kernel that does not use the fallback, unless the commandline "riscv_isa_fallback" parameter is present.

Please see the dt-binding, located at Documentation/devicetree/bindings/riscv/extensions.yaml for details on the replacement properties, "riscv,isa-base" and "riscv,isa-extensions".



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