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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_DMA_ADDRESSING_MODE:

Help text

This option only applies to PCI-SCSI chips that are PCI DAC capable (875A, 895A, 896, 1010-33, 1010-66, 1000).

When set to 0, the driver will program the chip to only perform 32-bit DMA. When set to 1, the chip will be able to perform DMA to addresses up to 1TB. When set to 2, the driver supports the full 64-bit DMA address range, but can only address 16 segments of 4 GB each. This limits the total addressable range to 64 GB.

Most machines with less than 4GB of memory should use a setting of 0 for best performance. If your machine has 4GB of memory or more, you should set this option to 1 (the default).

The still experimental value 2 (64 bit DMA addressing with 16 x 4GB segments limitation) can be used on systems that require PCI address bits past bit 39 to be set for the addressing of memory using PCI DAC cycles.



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