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CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_OMAP_TTYO_FIXUP: Replace ttyO with ttyS

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_OMAP_TTYO_FIXUP:

Help text

This option replaces the "console=ttyO" argument with the matching ttyS argument if the user did not specified it on the command line. This ensures that the user can see the kernel output during boot which he wouldn't see otherwise. The getty has still to be configured for ttyS instead of ttyO regardless of this option. This option is intended for people who "automatically" enable this driver without knowing that this driver requires a different console= argument. If you read this, please keep this option disabled and instead update your kernel command line. If you prepare a kernel for a distribution or other kind of larger user base then you probably want to keep this option enabled. Otherwise people might complain about a not booting kernel because the serial console remains silent in case they forgot to update the command line.



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