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CONFIG_SERIAL_KGDB_NMI: Serial console over KGDB NMI debugger port

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SERIAL_KGDB_NMI:

Help text

This special driver allows you to temporary use NMI debugger port as a normal console (assuming that the port is attached to KGDB).

Unlike KDB's disable_nmi command, with this driver you are always able to go back to the debugger using KGDB escape sequence ($3#33). This is because this console driver processes the input in NMI context, and thus is able to intercept the magic sequence.

Note that since the console interprets input and uses polling communication methods, for things like PPP you still must fully detach debugger port from the KGDB NMI (i.e. disable_nmi), and use raw console.

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