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CONFIG_SHUFFLE_PAGE_ALLOCATOR: Page allocator randomization

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SHUFFLE_PAGE_ALLOCATOR:

Help text

Randomization of the page allocator improves the average utilization of a direct-mapped memory-side-cache. See section 5.2.27 Heterogeneous Memory Attribute Table (HMAT) in the ACPI 6.2a specification for an example of how a platform advertises the presence of a memory-side-cache. There are also incidental security benefits as it reduces the predictability of page allocations to compliment SLAB_FREELIST_RANDOM, but the default granularity of shuffling on the "MAX_ORDER - 1" i.e, 10th order of pages is selected based on cache utilization benefits on x86.

While the randomization improves cache utilization it may negatively impact workloads on platforms without a cache. For this reason, by default, the randomization is enabled only after runtime detection of a direct-mapped memory-side-cache. Otherwise, the randomization may be force enabled with the 'page_alloc.shuffle' kernel command line parameter.

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