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CONFIG_SQUASHFS_4K_DEVBLK_SIZE: Use 4K device block size?

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SQUASHFS_4K_DEVBLK_SIZE:

Help text

By default Squashfs sets the dev block size (sb_min_blocksize) to 1K or the smallest block size supported by the block device (if larger). This, because blocks are packed together and unaligned in Squashfs, should reduce latency.

This, however, gives poor performance on MTD NAND devices where the optimal I/O size is 4K (even though the devices can support smaller block sizes).

Using a 4K device block size may also improve overall I/O performance for some file access patterns (e.g. sequential accesses of files in filesystem order) on all media.

Setting this option will force Squashfs to use a 4K device block size by default.

If unsure, say N.



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