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CONFIG_TRACE_ENUM_MAP_FILE: Show enum mappings for trace events

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_TRACE_ENUM_MAP_FILE:

Help text

The "print fmt" of the trace events will show the enum names instead of their values. This can cause problems for user space tools that use this string to parse the raw data as user space does not know how to convert the string to its value.

To fix this, there's a special macro in the kernel that can be used to convert the enum into its value. If this macro is used, then the print fmt strings will have the enums converted to their values.

If something does not get converted properly, this option can be used to show what enums the kernel tried to convert.

This option is for debugging the enum conversions. A file is created in the tracing directory called "enum_map" that will show the enum names matched with their values and what trace event system they belong too.

Normally, the mapping of the strings to values will be freed after boot up or module load. With this option, they will not be freed, as they are needed for the "enum_map" file. Enabling this option will increase the memory footprint of the running kernel.

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