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CONFIG_USB_MUSB_OTG: Both host and peripheral: USB OTG (On The Go) Device

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USB_MUSB_OTG:

Help text

The most notable feature of USB OTG is support for a "Dual-Role" device, which can act as either a device or a host. The initial role choice can be changed later, when two dual-role devices talk to each other.

At this writing, the OTG support in this driver is incomplete, omitting the mandatory HNP or SRP protocols. However, some of the cable based role switching works. (That is, grounding the ID pin switches the controller to host mode, while leaving it floating leaves it in peripheral mode.)

Select this if your system has a Mini-AB connector, or to simplify certain kinds of configuration.

To implement your OTG Targeted Peripherals List (TPL), enable USB_OTG_WHITELIST and update "drivers/usb/core/otg_whitelist.h" to match your requirements.



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