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CONFIG_USB_SISUSBVGA_CON: Text console and mode switching support

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USB_SISUSBVGA_CON:

Help text

Say Y here if you want a VGA text console via the USB dongle or want to support userland applications that utilize the driver's display mode switching capabilities.

Note that this console supports VGA/EGA text mode only.

By default, the console part of the driver will not kick in when the driver is initialized. If you want the driver to take over one or more of the consoles, you need to specify the number of the first and last consoles (starting at 1) as driver parameters.

For example, if the driver is compiled as a module:

modprobe sisusbvga first=1 last=5

If you use hotplug, add this to your modutils config files with the "options" keyword, such as eg.

options sisusbvga first=1 last=5

If the driver is compiled into the kernel image, the parameters must be given in the kernel command like, such as

sisusbvga.first=1 sisusbvga.last=5



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