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CONFIG_USER_ABI_CALL0_PROBE: Support both windowed and call0 ABI by probing

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_USER_ABI_CALL0_PROBE:

Help text

Select this option to support both windowed and call0 userspace ABIs. When enabled all processes are started with PS.WOE disabled and a fast user exception handler for an illegal instruction is used to turn on PS.WOE bit on the first 'entry' opcode executed by the userspace.

This option should be enabled for the kernel that must support both call0 and windowed ABIs in userspace at the same time.

Note that Xtensa ISA does not guarantee that entry opcode will raise an illegal instruction exception on cores with XEA2 when PS.WOE is disabled, check whether the target core supports it.



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