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CONFIG_VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK_PERSISTENT_ENABLE_BY_DEFAULT: Persistent Scrollback History for each console by default

General informations


Help text

Say Y here if the scrollback history should persist by default when switching between consoles. Otherwise, the scrollback history will be flushed each time the console is switched. This feature can also be enabled using the boot command line parameter 'vgacon.scrollback_persistent=1'.

This feature might break your tool of choice to flush the scrollback buffer, e.g. clear(1) will work fine but Debian's clear_console(1) will be broken, which might cause security issues. You can use the escape sequence \e[3J instead if this feature is activated.

Note that a buffer of VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK_SIZE is taken for each created tty device. So if you use a RAM-constrained system, say N here.



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