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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_X86_REROUTE_FOR_BROKEN_BOOT_IRQS:

Help text

This option enables a workaround that fixes a source of spurious interrupts. This is recommended when threaded interrupt handling is used on systems where the generation of superfluous "boot interrupts" cannot be disabled.

Some chipsets generate a legacy INTx "boot IRQ" when the IRQ entry in the chipset's IO-APIC is masked (as, e.g. the RT kernel does during interrupt handling). On chipsets where this boot IRQ generation cannot be disabled, this workaround keeps the original IRQ line masked so that only the equivalent "boot IRQ" is delivered to the CPUs. The workaround also tells the kernel to set up the IRQ handler on the boot IRQ line. In this way only one interrupt is delivered to the kernel. Otherwise the spurious second interrupt may cause the kernel to bring down (vital) interrupt lines.

Only affects "broken" chipsets. Interrupt sharing may be increased on these systems.



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