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CONFIG_XFS_SUPPORT_V4: Support deprecated V4 (crc=0) format

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_XFS_SUPPORT_V4:

Help text

The V4 filesystem format lacks certain features that are supported by the V5 format, such as metadata checksumming, strengthened metadata verification, and the ability to store timestamps past the year 2038. Because of this, the V4 format is deprecated. All users should upgrade by backing up their files, reformatting, and restoring from the backup.

Administrators and users can detect a V4 filesystem by running xfs_info against a filesystem mountpoint and checking for a string beginning with "crc=". If the string "crc=0" is found, the filesystem is a V4 filesystem. If no such string is found, please upgrade xfsprogs to the latest version and try again.

This option will become default N in September 2025. Support for the V4 format will be removed entirely in September 2030. Distributors can say N here to withdraw support earlier.

To continue supporting the old V4 format (crc=0), say Y. To close off an attack surface, say N.



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