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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_XTENSA_CPU_LINUX_BE:

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The linux_be processor configuration is the baseline Xtensa configurations included in this kernel and also used by binutils, gcc, and gdb. It contains no TIE, no coprocessors, and the following configuration options:

Code Density Option 2 Misc Special Registers NSA/NSAU Instructions 128-bit Data Bus Width Processor ID 8K, 2-way I and D Caches Zero-Overhead Loops 2 Inst Address Break Registers Big Endian 2 Data Address Break Registers 64 General-Purpose Registers JTAG Interface and Trace Port 17 Interrupts MMU w/ TLBs and Autorefill 3 Interrupt Levels 8 Autorefill Ways (I/D TLBs) 3 Timers Unaligned Exceptions



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