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CONFIG_PANEL_LCD: LCD type (0=none, 1=custom, 2=old //, 3=ks0074, 4=hantronix, 5=Nexcom)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PANEL_LCD:

Help text

This enables and configures an LCD connected to the parallel port. The driver includes an interpreter for escape codes starting with '\e[L' which are specific to the LCD, and a few ANSI codes. The driver will be registered as character device 10,156, usually under the name '/dev/lcd'. There are a total of 6 supported types :

0 : do not enable the driver 1 : custom configuration and wiring (see further) 2 : 2x16 & 2x40 parallel LCD (old wiring) 3 : 2x16 serial LCD (KS-0074 based) 4 : 2x16 parallel LCD (Hantronix wiring) 5 : 2x16 parallel LCD (Nexcom wiring)

When type '1' is specified, other options will appear to configure more precise aspects (wiring, dimensions, protocol, ...). Please note that those values changed from the 2.4 driver for better consistency.



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