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CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_CONSERVATIVE: 'conservative' cpufreq governor

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_CONSERVATIVE:

Help text

'conservative' - this driver is rather similar to the 'ondemand' governor both in its source code and its purpose, the difference is its optimisation for better suitability in a battery powered environment. The frequency is gracefully increased and decreased rather than jumping to 100% when speed is required.

If you have a desktop machine then you should really be considering the 'ondemand' governor instead, however if you are using a laptop, PDA or even an AMD64 based computer (due to the unacceptable step-by-step latency issues between the minimum and maximum frequency transitions in the CPU) you will probably want to use this governor.

To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called cpufreq_conservative.

For details, take a look at Documentation/admin-guide/pm/cpufreq.rst.

If in doubt, say N.



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