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CONFIG_DEVICE_TREE: Static device tree source file

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_DEVICE_TREE:

Help text

This specifies the device tree source (.dts) file to be compiled and included when building the bootwrapper. If a relative filename is given, then it will be relative to arch/powerpc/boot/dts. If you are not using the bootwrapper, or do not need to build a dts into the bootwrapper, this field is ignored.

For example, this is required when building a cuImage target for an older U-Boot, which cannot pass a device tree itself. Such a kernel will not work with a newer U-Boot that tries to pass a device tree (unless you tell it not to). If your U-Boot does not mention a device tree in "help bootm", then use the cuImage target and specify a device tree here. Otherwise, use the uImage target and leave this field blank.



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