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General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_DRBD_FAULT_INJECTION:

Help text

Say Y here if you want to simulate IO errors, in order to test DRBD's behavior.

The actual simulation of IO errors is done by writing 3 values to /sys/module/drbd/parameters/

enable_faults: bitmask of... 1 meta data write 2 read 4 resync data write 8 read 16 data write 32 data read 64 read ahead 128 kmalloc of bitmap 256 allocation of peer_requests 512 insert data corruption on receiving side

fault_devs: bitmask of minor numbers fault_rate: frequency in percent

Example: Simulate data write errors on /dev/drbd0 with a probability of 5%. echo 16 > /sys/module/drbd/parameters/enable_faults echo 1 > /sys/module/drbd/parameters/fault_devs echo 5 > /sys/module/drbd/parameters/fault_rate

If unsure, say N.



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