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CONFIG_FB_MATROX_G450: G100/G200/G400/G450/G550 support

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_FB_MATROX_G450:

Help text

Say Y here if you have a Matrox G100, G200, G400, G450 or G550 based video card. If you select "Advanced lowlevel driver options", you should check 8 bpp packed pixel, 16 bpp packed pixel, 24 bpp packed pixel and 32 bpp packed pixel. You can also use font widths different from 8.

If you need support for G400 secondary head, you must first say Y to "I2C support" and "I2C bit-banging support" in the character devices section, and then to "Matrox I2C support" and "G400 second head support" here in the framebuffer section. G450/G550 secondary head and digital output are supported without additional modules.

The driver starts in monitor mode. You must use the matroxset tool (available at <>) to swap primary and secondary head outputs, or to change output mode. Secondary head driver always start in 640x480 resolution and you must use fbset to change it.

Do not forget that second head supports only 16 and 32 bpp packed pixels, so it is a good idea to compile them into the kernel too. You can use only some font widths, as the driver uses generic painting procedures (the secondary head does not use acceleration engine).

G450/G550 hardware can display TV picture only from secondary CRTC, and it performs no scaling, so picture must have 525 or 625 lines.



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