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CONFIG_FT_PROC_FS: Enable procfs status report (+2kb)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_FT_PROC_FS:

Help text

Optional. Saying Y will result in creation of a directory `/proc/ftape' under the /proc file system. The files can be viewed with your favorite pager (i.e. use "more /proc/ftape/history" or "less /proc/ftape/history" or simply "cat /proc/ftape/history"). The file will contain some status information about the inserted cartridge, the kernel driver, your tape drive, the floppy disk controller and the error history for the most recent use of the kernel driver. Saying Y will enlarge the size of the ftape driver by approximately 2 KB.

WARNING: When compiling ftape as a module (i.e. saying M to "Floppy tape drive") it is dangerous to use ftape's /proc file system interface. Accessing `/proc/ftape' while the module is unloaded will result in a kernel Oops. This cannot be fixed from inside ftape.



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