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CONFIG_FTAPE: Ftape (QIC-80/Travan) support

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_FTAPE:

Help text

If you have a tape drive that is connected to your floppy controller, say Y here.

Some tape drives (like the Seagate "Tape Store 3200" or the Iomega "Ditto 3200" or the Exabyte "Eagle TR-3") come with a "high speed" controller of their own. These drives (and their companion controllers) are also supported if you say Y here.

If you have a special controller (such as the CMS FC-10, FC-20, Mountain Mach-II, or any controller that is based on the Intel 82078 FDC like the high speed controllers by Seagate and Exabyte and Iomega's "Ditto Dash") you must configure it by selecting the appropriate entries from the "Floppy tape controllers" sub-menu below and possibly modify the default values for the IRQ and DMA channel and the IO base in ftape's configuration menu.

If you want to use your floppy tape drive on a PCI-bus based system, please read the file drivers/char/ftape/README.PCI.

The ftape kernel driver is also available as a runtime loadable module. To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module will be called ftape.



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