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CONFIG_GUP_TEST: Enable infrastructure for get_user_pages()-related unit tests

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_GUP_TEST:

Help text

Provides /sys/kernel/debug/gup_test, which in turn provides a way to make ioctl calls that can launch kernel-based unit tests for the get_user_pages*() and pin_user_pages*() family of API calls.

These tests include benchmark testing of the _fast variants of get_user_pages*() and pin_user_pages*(), as well as smoke tests of the non-_fast variants.

There is also a sub-test that allows running dump_page() on any of up to eight pages (selected by command line args) within the range of user-space addresses. These pages are either pinned via pin_user_pages*(), or pinned via get_user_pages*(), as specified by other command line arguments.

See tools/testing/selftests/mm/gup_test.c



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