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CONFIG_LBDAF: Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_LBDAF:

Help text

Enable block devices or files of size 2TB and larger.

This option is required to support the full capacity of large (2TB+) block devices, including RAID, disk, Network Block Device, Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and loopback.

This option also enables support for single files larger than 2TB.

The ext4 filesystem requires that this feature be enabled in order to support filesystems that have the huge_file feature enabled. Otherwise, it will refuse to mount in the read-write mode any filesystems that use the huge_file feature, which is enabled by default by mke2fs.ext4.

The GFS2 filesystem also requires this feature.

If unsure, say Y.



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