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CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS_INDEX: Overlayfs: turn on inodes index feature by default

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS_INDEX:

Help text

If this config option is enabled then overlay filesystems will use the inodes index dir to map lower inodes to upper inodes by default. In this case it is still possible to turn off index globally with the "index=off" module option or on a filesystem instance basis with the "index=off" mount option.

The inodes index feature prevents breaking of lower hardlinks on copy up.

Note, that the inodes index feature is read-only backward compatible. That is, mounting an overlay which has an index dir on a kernel that doesn't support this feature read-only, will not have any negative outcomes. However, mounting the same overlay with an old kernel read-write and then mounting it again with a new kernel, will have unexpected results.



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