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CONFIG_PARIDE: Parallel port IDE device support

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The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_PARIDE:

Help text

There are many external CD-ROM and disk devices that connect through your computer's parallel port. Most of them are actually IDE devices using a parallel port IDE adapter. This option enables the PARIDE subsystem which contains drivers for many of these external drives. Read Documentation/admin-guide/blockdev/paride.rst for more information.

If you have said Y to the "Parallel-port support" configuration option, you may share a single port between your printer and other parallel port devices. Answer Y to build PARIDE support into your kernel, or M if you would like to build it as a loadable module. If your parallel port support is in a loadable module, you must build PARIDE as a module. If you built PARIDE support into your kernel, you may still build the individual protocol modules and high-level drivers as loadable modules. If you build this support as a module, it will be called paride.

To use the PARIDE support, you must say Y or M here and also to at least one high-level driver (e.g. "Parallel port IDE disks", "Parallel port ATAPI CD-ROMs", "Parallel port ATAPI disks" etc.) and to at least one protocol driver (e.g. "ATEN EH-100 protocol", "MicroSolutions backpack protocol", "DataStor Commuter protocol" etc.).



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