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CONFIG_RPCSEC_GSS_KRB5_ENCTYPES_DES: Enable Kerberos enctypes based on DES (deprecated)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_RPCSEC_GSS_KRB5_ENCTYPES_DES:

Help text

Choose Y to enable the use of deprecated Kerberos 5 encryption types that utilize Data Encryption Standard (DES) based ciphers. These include des-cbc-md5, des-cbc-crc, and des-cbc-md4, which were deprecated by RFC 6649, and des3-cbc-sha1, which was deprecated by RFC 8429.

These encryption types are known to be insecure, therefore the default setting of this option is N. Support for these encryption types is available only for compatibility with legacy NFS client and server implementations.

Removal of support is planned for a subsequent kernel release.



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