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CONFIG_SERIAL_AT91_TTYAT: Install as device ttyAT0-4 instead of ttyS0-4

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SERIAL_AT91_TTYAT:

Help text

Say Y here if you wish to have the five internal AT91RM9200 UARTs appear as /dev/ttyAT0-4 (major 204, minor 154-158) instead of the normal /dev/ttyS0-4 (major 4, minor 64-68). This is necessary if you also want other UARTs, such as external 8250/16C550 compatible UARTs. The ttySn nodes are legally reserved for the 8250 serial driver but are often misused by other serial drivers.

To use this, you should create suitable ttyATn device nodes in /dev/, and pass "console=ttyATn" to the kernel.

Say Y if you have an external 8250/16C550 UART. If unsure, say N.



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