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CONFIG_SOUND_AEDSP16: Gallant Audio Cards (SC-6000 and SC-6600 based)

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SOUND_AEDSP16:

Help text

Answer Y if you have a Gallant's Audio Excel DSP 16 card. This driver supports Audio Excel DSP 16 but not the III nor PnP versions of this card.

The Gallant's Audio Excel DSP 16 card can emulate either an SBPro or a Microsoft Sound System card, so you should have said Y to either "100% Sound Blaster compatibles (SB16/32/64, ESS, Jazz16) support" or "Microsoft Sound System support", above, and you need to answer the "MSS emulation" and "SBPro emulation" questions below accordingly. You should say Y to one and only one of these two questions.

Read the Documentation/sound/oss/README.OSS file and the head of sound/oss/aedsp16.c as well as Documentation/sound/oss/AudioExcelDSP16 to get more information about this driver and its configuration.



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