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CONFIG_SOUND_MAD16: OPTi MAD16 and/or Mozart based cards

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SOUND_MAD16:

Help text

Answer Y if your card has a Mozart (OAK OTI-601) or MAD16 (OPTi 82C928 or 82C929 or 82C931) audio interface chip. These chips are quite common so it's possible that many no-name cards have one of them. In addition the MAD16 chip is used in some cards made by known manufacturers such as Turtle Beach (Tropez), Reveal (some models) and Diamond (latest ones). Note however that the Tropez sound cards have their own driver; if you have one of those, say N here and Y or M to "Full support for Turtle Beach WaveFront", below.

If you compile the driver into the kernel, you have to add "mad16=<io>,<irq>,<dma>,<dma2>,<mpuio>,<mpuirq>" to the kernel command line.

See also Documentation/sound/oss/Opti and Documentation/sound/oss/MAD16 for more information on setting these cards up as modules.



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