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CONFIG_SPEAKUP: Speakup core

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SPEAKUP:

Help text

This is the Speakup screen reader. Think of it as a video console for blind people. If built in to the kernel, it can speak everything on the text console from boot up to shutdown. For more information on Speakup, point your browser at There is also a mailing list at the above url that you can subscribe to.

Supported synthesizers are accent sa, accent pc, appollo II., Auddapter, Braille 'n Speak, Dectalk external (old), Dectalk PC (full length isa board), Dectalk express, Doubletalk, Doubletalk LT or Litetalk, Keynote Gold internal PC, software synthesizers, Speakout, transport, and a dummy module that can be used with a plain text terminal.

Speakup can either be built in or compiled as a module by answering y or m. If you answer y here, then you must answer either y or m to at least one of the synthesizer drivers below. If you answer m here, then the synthesizer drivers below can only be built as modules.

These drivers are not standalone drivers, but must be used in conjunction with Speakup. Think of them as video cards for blind people.

The Dectalk pc driver can only be built as a module, and requires software to be pre-loaded on to the card before the module can be loaded. See the decpc choice below for more details.

If you are not a blind person, or don't have access to one of the listed synthesizers, you should say n.



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