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CONFIG_SURFACE_AGGREGATOR_HUB: Surface System Aggregator Module Subsystem Device Hubs

General informations

The Linux kernel configuration item CONFIG_SURFACE_AGGREGATOR_HUB:

Help text

Device-hub drivers for Surface System Aggregator Module (SSAM) subsystem devices.

Provides subsystem hub drivers which manage client devices on various SSAM subsystems. In some subsystems, notably the BAS subsystem managing devices contained in the base of the Surface Book 3 and the KIP subsystem managing type-cover devices in the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X, devices can be (hot-)removed. Hub devices and drivers are required to manage these subdevices.

Devices managed via these hubs are: - Battery/AC devices (Surface Book 3). - HID input devices (7th-generation and later models with detachable input devices).

Select M (recommended) or Y here if you want support for the above mentioned devices on the corresponding Surface models. Without this module, the respective devices mentioned above will not be instantiated and thus any functionality provided by them will be missing, even when drivers for these devices are present. This module only provides the respective subsystem hubs. Both drivers and device specification (e.g. via the Surface Aggregator Registry) for these devices still need to be selected via other options.



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